Graphistudio workshop with Sue Bryce, Teri Hofford, Kara Marie

at Castle Ceconi, Italy

– A Transformational Experience for Photographers –

This workshop will take your skills to the next level and recharge your creativity, look no further than the workshop with Sue Bryce and the other educators and mentors at Castle Ceconi in Italy, hosted by Graphistudio in June 2023.  

This three-day workshop will give you a contemporary perspective on the mind, body, and soul of being a photographer and an introspective journey to recharge and empower yourself.

At the workshop, you’ll learn from experienced professionals and develop your photography skills.
Through hands-on instruction, you will learn a variety of technical and creative techniques for capturing compelling portraits. This will include lighting setups, posing and composition, working with models, and individual help from the mentors.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and guidance, allowing you to refine your approach, develop your own unique style and improve your self-value.

With six mentors to accompany your process and nine models for the live photoshoot, you’ll have a personalized learning experience in an intimate setting.

But don’t take our word for it! Hear from the mentors and attendees that participated in the workshop last year:

Cat will give you personalized guidance on technique and help you hone your skills in a supportive and inspiring environment at the Graphistudio Castle, Castello Ceconi.  Attendees will experiment with composition, color, and texture to create compelling portraits with hand-selected models that reflect the essence of their subjects and surroundings.  This is the perfect portfolio-building workshop, and all will develop the confidence and skills to pursue their passion for portrait photography long after the workshop has ended.

Saray will be one of the assigned mentors at the Graphistudio workshop with Sue Bryce, Teri Hofford, and Kara Marie.  She will ensure all attendees walk away with beautiful photos to help build your portfolio.  These images will enhance your website, business cards, and endless other marketing. An added bonus, Saray will help you sell confidently and with ease.  On the 3rd day, Saray will join Cat Ford-Coates in a product sales session to dive deep into sales, marketing, pricing and help you set goals to achieve your dreams in your business and your life.

A mentor assigned to Teri Hofford, Ashleigh, will help you create a custom luxury portfolio experience.  She will be there as a guide to provide tools, advice, and feedback to help support Teri. This will be unforgettable for all that attend! When time permits, pick Ashleigh’s brain on how to book clients on Instagram and her marketing strategies to book more clients.

The workshop will provide you with a transformational experience that will help you expand your portfolio, improve your business, and consolidate your mindset. With transportation provided from Venice Airport and meals included during the workshop, all you need to do is show up and be ready to learn.

The first group runs from June 15-17th, 2023, and the second group from June 20-22nd, 2023. Book now for only $2400, and receive a certificate of participation from Accademia Conte Ceconi Italy. Take this opportunity to recharge, empower, and transform yourself as a photographer.

Join Us at Castle Ceconi in Italy, and take your photography business to the next level!