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Graphistudio “The Original Wedding Book” ® shapes your dreams

thanks to a world-class quality and Made in Italy style.

Three reasons to love your Wedding Book

an amazing range from linen to leather, sizes from 8×12” (20x30cm)  to 16×20” (40x50cm)

The perfect option to produce your own, unique, book and to perfectly satisfy all your needs.

Handmade yet easy

Every album is made à la carte by our artisans. You can use our 3D configurator to design it, controlling every detail or simply modifying your own templates.

Panoramic flush mount*

The Original Wedding Book set the industry standard many years ago, introducing the flush mount pages to allow photographers using panoramic spreads vs the rigid boring traditional way.

*International patented system

Luxury materials

Whether you love full grain leather or natural fibers, crystal clear acrylic or eco leather our range will let you design a one of a kind heirloom. Lifetime guarantee and made in Italy wow factor complete the bow.


Our book sizes range from the majestic 16×20” (40x50cm) to the classic 12×16” (30x40cm) and the compact 9.5×13” (25x35cm) and 8×12” (20x30cm). Landscape and square versions are also available, all are flush mount panoramic.

Smaller copies

You can clone your main book into smaller copies, flush mount as well, ideal for parents and friends: 4×5” (10x13cm), 6×8” (15x20cm), 8×12” (20x30cm) vertical, square and landscape. Or even smaller copies stitch bound: 2×2.5” (4x6cm), 2.5×4” (6x10cm), 4×5” (10x13cm) vertical, square and landscape.

The covers: where the magic begins

Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process. Graphistudio has always offered an immense richness of materials and customizations. In order to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity, our covers are all handmade in single copy, and you can easily define every detail with our 3D configurator!







Other Fabrics

Cover options, your personalizations

Traditional, creative: you can be anything you want with our options available to personalize the cover. The key thing is to make every cover special and unique to your clients and their story.

Spine options

Choose the style of the spine among 4 different options: rounded, stitched rounded , square and stitched square. The stitched version allows you to mount different materials on the spine and the cover, creating interesting tone over tone or colour patterns. All these options feature any material of choice, but they confer a different character to the book.





Paper options and printing

At Graphi we are maniacally driven by printing quality, colour management and paper finishings; it’s part of our DNA, an heritage from the three founders Tullio, Enzo and Maurizio. Choose among some of the best media available:

Page thickness options

Three different thicknesses for your pages, all of them compatible with the panoramic flush mount. The thin, flexible page makes the book fresh and contemporary. The thick confers heaviness adding a 300gr substrate in between the pages. The rigid looks massive, linear, classy.

Block side printing

You can make your book even more special, printing the block sides of any RGB colour to create an interesting pattern with the cover and/or the box material. You could also push it even further, creating an artwork, a text, anything to make it creative an unique.

Linings and lux linings

Aside the classic high quality, timeless black board you can add a special touch to the volume, featuring one of the 18 different colours between matte and brilliant shades of linen.

Smaller copies, happier clients!

Have you ever considered to complete your package with beautiful smaller copies of the main album, ideal for bride and groom parents, witnesses, friends and much more? The amazing variety of formats, bindings, papers and even cover upgrades gives you endless possibilities. Best part: you don’t need to do anything! We take care of it, using the same layout you provide for the main volume. No stress, just extra profit and happier clients.

Parent books

Flush mount (continuous binding) 4×5” (10x13cm), 6×8” (15x20cm), 8×12” (20x30cm) vertical, square and landscape.

Pocket books

Perfect bound: 2×2.5” (4x6cm), 2.5×4” (6x10cm), 4×5” (10x13cm) vertical, square and landscape.

Model shown:
– 1pc 14×14″ Die Cut Large Cover, Sequoia premium leather SE4001
– 2pcs 8×8″ Parent Book copies, with leather upgrade cover
– 4pcs  6×6″ Pocket Book perfect bound
– 8pcs 4×4″ Pocket Book perfect bound

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