Moments Moments Moments

October 15th – 16th, 2024

with Huy Nguyen and Tyler Wirken

2 days Fearless Master Class OCTOBER 15-16, 2024 at Castle Ceconi, Italy

Join Huy Nguyen, CEO of Fearless Photographers, and renowned professional photographer and educator Tyler Wirken for an unparalleled workshop at the stunning Castle Ceconi in Italy. With a combined experience of capturing hundreds of weddings, judging numerous contests, and mentoring thousands of top-tier photographers globally, Huy and Tyler have revolutionized the wedding photography industry.

This is your chance to meet, share, and learn directly from the pioneers who have reshaped the art of wedding photography. Dive deep into their unique approaches, gain invaluable insights, and reconnect with the true essence of photography. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your craft and be inspired by the best in the field. Join us and rediscover what truly matters in photography!

The Best Place to Share Knowledge and Nurture Your Spirit: Castle Ceconi

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Castle Ceconi is the perfect setting for a transformative experience. Over the course of two inspiring days, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this historic venue while sharing knowledge and nurturing your creative spirit. This exclusive event includes delicious lunches and delightful aperitivos, providing ample opportunities for networking and relaxation. Join us for a journey of growth and connection in the most enchanting location imaginable.

“Moments Moments Moments” is back!

Dear friends,

We want to share our experience and knowledge with you to help you become better wedding photographers in an intensive 2-day class. This “Moments Moments Moments” class focuses on documentary wedding photography, but it offers much more. We blend life philosophies with essential photography techniques, blending fragmented teachings into a cohesive perspective. Our goal is to help you improve and become your best.

We’ll bring humor, wit, and innovative teaching methods, ensuring an engaging learning experience. We’re committed to answering all your questions with honesty and openness. We will work extensively with your photos in exercises and intense photo critiques because this class is about you and your work. This Fearless Class is the class that we wish we had the opportunity to take early on in my career had it been offered. We hope it will equip you with the insights needed to embark on your path to constant learning and improvements. Let’s start this journey.


Huy and Tyler

Some of the topics that we will examine in this intimate, intense, and sharing class of two days are:
– Understanding the fundamentals of light, composition, and moment
– Challenging conventional wedding photography norms
– Becoming a complete photographer
– Viewing photographs with a critical mind
– Evaluating without judgment
– Cultivating useful photographic instincts
– Thinking like a photojournalist
– Using both the head and the heart
– Taking risks
– Harnessing creativity
– Resisting imitation
– Aligning life with photography
– Striving for balance
– Being honest with ourselves
– Making profound changes
– Chasing dreams
– Attaining goals
– Discovering your Fearless heart
– Accepting vulnerability
– Fighting insecurities
– Communicating with clients

What the class will not cover:
– Demonstrating how to photograph pretty models
– Post-processing techniques
– Anything related to SEO
– Magical photo tips and tricks

The class will be held at Castello Cecconi with Graphistudio. Lunch for the 2 days is included in the price because Castle Ceconi is an awesome place. The class will be conducted in English with translation to Italian.

PRICE: 895€

Price is only for the class and does not include the evening dinner, travel or lodging. Students are responsible for their own evening dinner, travel, and lodging. We do not charge tax or VAT. Tickets are non-refundable. You may transfer your ticket to another student if you notify us. If the workshop is cancelled for reasons out of our control, you will be provided with a refund of the amount paid for the ticket. Price includes all VAT and taxes.

Our Testimonials

“Finally after about two weeks I was able to absorb the psychological blow of the Fearless Class. These were two intense and fantastic days that I will carry forever in my heart. I watched you while you were explaining, I saw in you the joy and the love for what you do … Fearless * without fear * a term that after your lesson made me realize that it is precisely the fear of opening up that limits my shots …the fear of letting me go that does not make me express as I want … My not connecting the mind to the heart, not thinking before shooting. Things that I will try to correct from now on…Taking a picture means seizing a moment with the emotions associated with it that will not come back … I did and I still do a lot of mistakes and I’ll want to do it again for the chance to correct… I hope to see you again soon! Thank you for what you and Tyler have given us.”
“At the beginning I had no idea what to expect so I decided to have no expectations which I believe it’s the best to do if you want to open your mind. And what I received in return from this class was so much and even so much more compared to what I could have ever imagined.
The class was masterfully well balanced between the experiences of Huy and Tyler, was actually like watching a perfect dance. The content arrived straight to the point. The way you explained how to report “moments” and also how actually compose them in a photo was great. The examples you showed were perfect. The sense of what means to be Fearless that I could feel for the entire workshop made me think a lot.”