The 9UP, as our Mega Mats, are archival certified for museum quality results, with a thickness of 1/8” (3mm) each, 1/4”  (6mm) combined.

The state of the art cutting plotter ensures perfection of the bevel cut (45°) and precise mounting procedure.

Details of a gallery shooting

The 9UP is one of those innovations that Sue Bryce brought to the market when anyone else seemed to have forgot the beauty in the fundamentals of shooting: posing.
Every 9UP gives life to your subject, like frames in a movie, creating dynamism and helping you to express your client’s different attributes. Ready? Action, we are rolling!

9UP Mat Sizes:

27.5×31.5″ (69.9x80cm) or 31.5x37x5″ (80×95.3cm)

Prints Sizes:

5X7″, 6×8″ or 7×5″, 8×6″
(13×18, 15×20, 18×13, 20x15cm)


Lustre paper, HD Archival Fine Print.


1/8” (3mm) each, 1/4”  (6mm) combined.

Mat Color:

Standard white, Artic white, Black.

9UP Mats are intended to be framed


Designed to fit a perfect ratio, the 9UP hosts 2/3 and 3/5 apertures.
Vertical and horizontal format are available: 27.5×31.5″, 31.5×27.5″ (69.9×80, 80×95.3 cm)
Print size: 5X7″, 6×8″ or 7×5″, 8×6″ (13×18, 15×20, 18×13, 20×15 cm) .

Paper options


Learn on how to sell the 9UP

Watch Sue’s lesson on how to conceptualize and execute the perfect shooting for a 9UP.
Leave your clients breathless with a memorable experience.

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