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A blend of quality, convenience and beauty

Experience top-notch quality, convenience, and state-of-the-art technology all packed into a beautiful album that you can proudly display, much like a photo frame, for everyone to appreciate.

Three reasons to love our GoBook

Perfect for every occasion

The GoBook offers the perfect solution to give physical shape to all those projects which, until now, lacked a real quality product. Boudoir, portraiture, pet photography, small events, even those low cost weekday or digital only weddings, find their perfect match in a product that exceeds the expectations of the marketplace today.

The GoBook workflow has been carefully planned and developed starting from the configurator all the way to a dedicated production line. As a result this has created more efficient lead-times and excellent costs benefits. Thanks to this aspect, it is possible to launch a book characterised by quality standards never seen before now at this price range.

Quality and strength

The quality and state-of-the-art technology distinguishing Graphistudio products are also included in the GoBook: layflat continuous binding, photographic paper, board linings and the smooth leatherette material for the cover.

64,000 colour combinations

The 40 GoColor shades available for the cover, the spine & back and the GoBox work together to coordinate all aspects of the design of the book and box. The choice of 28 ribbon colours completes a unique and personal combination.


The Block

The GoBook features the patented binding system invented by Graphistudio. The layflat binding allows you to view the panoramic page without seeing a separation in the seam.

The Papers

Printed on Lustre photographic paper or Offset Tintoretto, the GoBook can feature 20 to 60 pages (sides), with board linings. Glossy or matte lamination is available on request on Lustre Paper.

The Cover

The solid GoBook cover perfectly completes the block by offering yet more value. Spine and back are in GoColor leatherette or Linen, while the covering of the front panel has three options: GoColor Leatherette, Linen or Matte laminated photographic paper, fully customisable with a printed image which can be designed through the specific tool of the online configurator.

The Materials

64,000 colour combinations thanks to the 40 GoColor shades available for the cover, the spine & back.

The GoBook is also available in the delicate colours of natural linen. Such a versatile product is now even more eclectic featuring the warm, nice look and feel of this “organic” material, ideal for portraits, engagement sessions, newborn, family portraits and much more.

A swatch box with all GoColor and Linen samples is available to order in our GraphiStore: let your customers see, touch and match their favourite shades!

The Box

Choose the color of the GoBox, the ribbon, and select a transparent or semi-transparent lid. Each box is handcrafted from rigid HDF (High Density Fiberboard) material, then wrapped in GoColor leatherette or natural Linen. The box colour can be chosen for a contrast or tone combination with the colours selected for the cover. The GoBook is also available without the box.

The Ribbon

Produced in fine shiny satin, the ribbon is elegantly finished and is available in a wide range of colours that perfectly complete the tones of the book and box.



Available in an extraordinary range of colours enriched with a shaded effect, the Cloud Leatherette has an extremely smooth surface and very soft touch. The innovative fabric, coated in a polymeric material, offers high resistance to wear and tear.

Linen Fabric

Natural, 70% linen and 30% cotton fabric with a compact texture. Selected after careful researches, it offers high resistance to wear combined with perfect adherence even on the round lines of the covers. Available in a wide colour palette of warm and natural tones.


Produced in fine shiny satin, the ribbon is elegantly finished with a swallowtail and is available in a wide range of colours that perfectly complete the tones of the book and box.

Book sizes

The GoBook is available in ten sizes:
Vertical: 6×8″, 8×12″, 9.5×13″ (15×20, 20×30, 25×35 cm);
Horizontal: 8×6″, 12×8″, 13×9.5″ (20×15, 30×20, 35×25 cm);
Square: 6×6″, 8×8″, 9.5×9.5″, 12×12″ (15×15, 20×20, 25×25, 30×30 cm).



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