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Colourful, smart, affordable. 


The nicest package for baby photography

Finally babies & bellies specialists have their book of choice: the Baby Book. Moms and families ask you to capture their precious moments, they trust your artistry and knowledge.



The cover, the outside and the inside of the box can be fully coordinated through the wide range of colours, custom images or patterns, creating unlimited combinations.



The «Touch» finishing confers an additional tactile feeling that makes these books a full sensorial experience.


Order online

Box & book options, layout design, customizations and prices can be previewed online thanks to our fully integrated Configurator where you can also finalize and pay your order.


The cover and the package options

In this program you can find all you need to fulfil a very demanding task: perfectly pre- serving the first steps into the world! How? It’s easy, you can count on endless combinations of colours and personalizations; more importantly, everything will be coordinated exactly as you want. The Baby Book comes with its complementary “jewels box”, with “touch” lamination on top and magnetic lock.


To review the best moments

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The Baby Book is available in 4 sizes: Vertical: 8×12, Square: 9.5×9.5; 8×8, Horizontal: 12×8



Photographic printing on Lustre (matte) paper with lamination on request, on Metal paper that includes glossy or matte lamination or offset Indigo printing on Tintoretto paper.



Everything in this program speaks about care, attention to details and love: exactly as the intimate relationship between mom and her little one. Make every Baby Book really unique, overprint names and text on the cover or embellish the box with the amazing raised varnishing.

You can design your own pattern and apply it almost everywhere on box and the cover as well. Your creation will be tailor made on the very special story of each family; a priceless privilege for professional photographers.


Colour overprinting


Colour overprinting with raised varnishing.



The box and the cover of the Baby Book are produced with Touch Art Matte, available in various colors. Alternatively, it is possible to print color images on the upper internal lid of the box and on the cover.


Use the new online order form available in the Trade Area to order your BABY BOOK. You will be able to choose among the various touch colors available, or freely design the cover and the bottom internal piece of the box. A real time preview of the design helps choosing the most appropriate chromatic combinations.