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The purity of design

Our constant search for innovation has allowed us to create emotions rather than products.
We have materialized the brilliant artistic vision of Yervant by using handcrafted, innovative and luxurious materials.

Passion and creativity are the common lines that link us deeply, and this new product celebrates this marriage. An elegant three volumes set, bound with extraordinary materials, each one held in its coordinated case.

The Yervant’s Collection introduces a turning point in the market, enhancing the book and the images inside as never before. Genuine Italian leather and metallic materials forged together with sharp edges, crisp lines, amazing tactile feeling and a new square-edged spine. Minimal and modern. The Yervant’s Collection is all about class.
This product line adds a new dimension in photography and a new desirable object for brides worldwide.

I love all things Italian!

Italians are unequivocally world leaders in design and high quality with the distinct advantage of boasting “Made in Italy,” which in itself is a highly marketable affirmation! Just think of names like Armani, Prada, Versace, Gucci, Ferrari, Lamborghini and you immediately associate them with high quality and innovative design! I am officially adding Graphistudio to that list! This company of young, trendy, innovative executives is leading our industry towards a new phase of marketing wedding photography as art with some very exciting concepts that I have had the privilege of designing. These brand new album concepts embrace today’s home art and decorating trends and offer to the photographer new, unprecedented, marketing opportunities. I am very proud of having been involved in designing this project. This collection will revamp our industry and excite new couples like never before.

The product

This extraordinary collection is composed of three books, one 35×35 cm, one 25×25 cm and one 15×15 cm. All books are manufactured with their matching case.

The natural utilization includes three elements organized in a triangular design, hence creating an ideal and logical continuum throughout the layouts.

Two versions are available: “Snow White” or its twin ”Pitch Black”, produced with special handmade processes in the Graphistudio facility.

Although the project is born as three books vision, it is possible to order also one book only.

The book

A new benchmark. A new aesthetic and tactile experience.

Created as a perfect synthesis between glossy and opaque surfaces, Yervant’s Collection book gives strong emotions through its luxurious cover, thanks to the satin metallic surfaces and a genuine Italian leather spine with a polish finish.

The hands that hold the books experience an intense and enjoyable sensation, and wait in anticipation to discover what is contained in each volume.

The essential lines, typical of this collection, give vent to the innovative square back, one of the most recent innovations of Graphistudio.

35×35 cm

carta metallica
copertina verniciata
dorso e retro in pelle lucida


25×25 cm
pearl paper
varnished metallic cover
glossy leather spine and back

15×15 cm
textured paper
varnished metallic cover
glossy leather spine and back

The case

Fantastically square with essential lines, this case represents a brand new style with a smooth surface, crystal shine and clean borders.

The metallic insert, partially immersed in the structure, is functional to the flow of the three volumes in order to form a perfect triangle: an ancestral concept with ultra modern design.

The contemporary design of Yervant’s Collection creates value, establishes a new trend, and enables photographic artists to propose an exclusive item able to satisfy even the highest expectations.