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LIVE from Castle Ceconi, Italy – The Photography Virtual Show
Discover why 70,000+ professional photographers around the World trust our products for their pictures.

Graphistudio will be taking part in the Virtual Photograpy Show on 20/21 September 2020.
We will broadcast live from Castle Ceconi (Italy), talking about products, marketing, technology and with multi awarded photographers shooting a real model around this beautiful place: Sarah Edmunds and Mauricio Arias Mora.
We will be available in the chat to answer customer questions, interacting in real time.

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During our journey we teamed up with amazing artists, creating innovative solutions that now we can share with you in our wide, diverse and extremely customizable line of products.

Sue Bryce

One of the most iconic names in portrait photography, Sue shines as an amazing entrepreneur, a knowledgeable photographer, an incredibly powerful educator that marked the difference on thousands of photographers’ careers. Her online platform, Sue Bryce Education, delivers the most comprehensive content ever, and gave birth the her first “Sue Bryce Collection”, a luxury program handmade in Italy by Graphi artisans. Sue aims to empower people, to help them build a stronger business model and ultimately expressing their proper value. Through the products in her Collection we have shaped this body of knowledge into an actual piece of art. An indispensable tool in her vision, described by her words “Building my business was the most transformational time in my life. Learning to value myself and be sustainable in business changed my entire world. I want to teach you to receive money in equal exchange for your craft and own your path with certainty and conviction and walk towards it.”

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown redefined newborn and baby portraiture. Her nurturing desire to capture her family as it grows led to launching her business, Little Pieces of Photography, in 2004. She has since travelled the world speaking at events and teaching newborn posing classes. In her quest to capture the little pieces of life, Kelly has photographed thousands of newborn babies throughout her career. Kelly has a passion for creating a strong and sustainable newborn photography industry and to date has personally mentored thousands of photographers around the world. The launch of the Kelly Brown Collection has been a beautiful moment, live from Castle Ceconi. Kelly cherrypicked colors and materials with the same grace she puts into her photography, providing to the market a unique program tailor made on newborn photographers vibes!

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry is widely celebrated as being among the top five best wedding photographers in the world. He has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of the 21st century. His talent goes way beyond his camera, having trained thousands of photographers either with his powerful workshops or through the online platform A gifted photographer and a passionate mentor, above all a friend of ours, that shares his vision with the Graphi family to push the industry ahead. The upcoming “Jerry Ghionis Collection” will represent a gem among our programs, condensing Jerry’s worldly knowledge, his personal “rock star” touch, Graphistudio’s expertise giving shape to creative ideas.


Without question Yervant represents one of the biggest names in our Industry and a true friend of ours. We could say there has been a before and after Yervant in wedding photography, where his great talent and unconventional approach took the market by storm. Countless wedding photographers have followed his steps, inspired by his unique approach that himself defines with this words “I am Portrait photographer, Fashion photographer, Photojournalist, Landscape photographer, Commercial photographer all within any five minutes of a wedding day, no stylists, no art directors, see it, capture it and get it right.” The Yervant Collection has been the first of its kind in wedding photography, a defining moment that celebrated his partnership with Graphistudio.

Ben Chrisman

Since 2005, Chrisman Studios has helped lead a revolution of photographers in the wedding and portrait world. With every click of their shutters, they bring their love of people, their passion for the art of photography, and their drive to always want to create something new. They make the abstract beautiful, and the beautiful abstract, always bringing something extraordinary out of every situation. They have traveled the world photographing stories of all kinds, including weddings in over 30 countries, a tsunami in Asia, and even an adoption all the way in Kolkata, India. They have taught countless photographers around the world as well, inspiring a new generation to go deeper and feel more with their photography. And their love of photography books and fine-art prints has led them to GraphiStudio, with their equal passion for creating works of art. Based in San Francisco, Charleston and Italy, there is nowhere Chrisman Studios will not go to tell a good story.

Two Mann

An incredible couple that travelled every corner of this Globe bringing their innovative approach to wedding photography. “Our goal is bold and simple; we want to tell your wedding story through compelling images that transcend wedding photography. We believe that wedding photography doesn’t have to be safe and boring. We don’t want to just give you photos, we want to give you works of art that will blow your mind, that communicate the essence of who you are, that tell stories beyond what you see, and that move complete strangers to stop and stare.” With their unmistakable style the Two Mann represent one of the most interesting story about photography and what it can bring to people’s life. The vivid colours, the dramatic compositions in their pictures shine like stars when printed on our HD medias… a breathtaking result that pushes the limit to next level.


Keda redefined wedding photography some years ago, when the World saw this raising star bringing a new visual language. A timeless, dramatic, powerful creation that transform couples into actors of the most incredible journey: life. From his destination settings Keda carved out colorful painting-like masterpieces and all of a sudden our industry changed. Awarded as one of the most successful and influential young entrepreneur in Malaysia, Keda became quickly a highly respected Master and inevitably his path crossed Graphi, our Castle, our shared passion. His rare politeness, combined with his limitless talent make this young photographer one of the most relevant figure in the industry. Each of his albums are handmade in Italy by Graphi, helping to deliver art to its purest essence; the power of print.

Bob & Dawn Davis

Bob & Dawn Davis are international wedding photographers, known in the industry for having photographed celebrity weddings, published onto several magazines and for being amazing speakers too! Bob & Dawn joined Graphi many years ago, when they were looking for someone special able to give shape to their high end clientele expectations. What seemed a fruitful business relationship became immediately a life long friendship, built upon passion and enthusiasm for the same things. This adorable couple represents a beautiful example of integrity, passion, knowledge and positive thinking.

Sarah Edmunds

British-born, Italy-based Sarah (Ferrara) Edmunds has been a portrait, commercial and wedding photographer in Northern Italy for nearly a decade, specialising in luxury weddings and fine art portraiture, as well as fashion and advertising. Her World-class creations became quickly iconic taking creative portraiture and editing to their finest level. Sarah found in Graphi the perfect partner to print her imagery, in terms of accuracy and vibrancy. Onto our luxury Wall Art program Sarah’s photography becomes pure magic, leaving people astonished! In more recent years Sarah achieved the status of Master of WPPI and Senior Judge in the most important international Competitions in Europe as well as overseas. An open minded, independent heart driven photographer that speaks to people’s heart.

David Stanbury

One of the most successful wedding photographer in the UK, Dave has been photographing couples everywhere from Europe to Sri Lanka! His passion for photography is equal to his passion for helping other togs to grow, to strive for perfection and learn how to lift theirselves to excellence. David and his lovely wife Jane are more than life companions, having a built family and a business while enjoying their passion for life. Basically everyone love Dave, simply because it’s impossible not to: you can’t find anyone else with a larger heart, a truer spirit and a better sense of humor! Printing his works is a privilege, knowing the level of care dave puts in each story.


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