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Michael Greenberg is one of the top 10 Canadian wedding photographers with many important achievements in his work. His style can be described as an engaging artistic imagery consisting of fashion, traditional and photo-journalistic elements.

He is a genuine person who looks for beauty in all of his subjects and strongly believes in their uniqueness. Michael extensively travels hosting workshops around North America as well as Europe and Asia. Ultimately, Michael is a simple man who loves photography and his family. With studios in two major cities in Canada, he calls Montreal his home.

On Graphistudio

I have been working with Graphistudio from the early years of my career as a wedding photographer. Graphistudio gives us the ability to wrap timeless memories in the highest quality books. Our final product becomes a story that unfolds in a beautifully personalized book, providing our clients with their ultimate art form. It is a great privilege to be working with such professionals. They will always have my support and friendship.

Wedding photography industry is steadily evolving and always adopting new trends. Regardless of the direction it will go to this year or next, preserving the memories is one aspect that won't change. Unfortunately, in these quickly changing times and the need for instant gratification a lot of people forget that memories should be preserved and presented properly. The best photos need to be carefully selected and worked on. A disc or a USB stick with wedding photos cannot compare in value to a wedding album/book even if it is loaded with the most beautiful, one of a kind images. It is only the top photos that deserve to tell a story of such an important event. And what makes it really great is that you get to touch them. I strongly believe in education, and I think the upcoming photographers would only gain by learning about the benefits of wedding albums and how they can promote themselves as artists by creating the albums in their own unique style and vision.


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