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Kenny Kim has always been fascinated by the visual arts, especially the connection between art and photography. This passion led him to study graphic design at the University of Illinois where he also became a Web designer. But he eventually realized that the greatest outlet for his artistic expression and technical skills would be through his passion for photography. With the launch of Kenny Kim Photography in 2006, his vision instantly resonated with his audience, and Kenny Kim Photography very quickly grew into a nationally recognized studio. Kenny has captured over 150 weddings in locations throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and in Italy.

Kenny is the author of two books: “Wedding Photographer’s Planner ” & “Digital Wedding Photography Photo Workshop” – both which are comprehensive books for wedding photographers to help them plan for and execute a successful wedding day shoot. Published by Wiley Press and available online & in all bookstores.
Kenny currently resides in Chicago but covers weddings all around the world. He loves to travel and explore new culture. He is thankful everyday for the privilege to call his passion in life his profession as well.

On Graphistudio

I was fortunate to be introduced to Graphistudio early on in my career while shadowing my photography mentors Bob Davis & Mike Colón on their national workshop tour. Since then, Graphistudio have become my photography family, showing so much interest in my career and helping me to grow holistically as a wedding photographer. Not only do they provide the best products (handmade in Italy – what can be better than that?) for my clients, they also offer variety of educational opportunities to their photographers to help them improve their craft. They also value our relationship and genuinely take interest in our career growth. Their world-class customer service will make anyone feel at home. Partnering with Graphistudio was one of the best decisions I made for my business and I look forward to our future as we grow together.

We all have heard the trendy phrase “only thing constant in life is change”. Many people interpret this by thinking that we need to constantly change in order to improve ourselves or our businesses. While this may seem like a sound advice, changing without a purpose or understanding the proper reasoning behind it may often lead to bad business judgments. One major mistakes I made early in my career was to just give out the digital files immediately after a job. Based on what other fellow photographers were doing at that time, it seemed like the right thing to do. I quickly learned that our job as a photographer was not only to capture the important moments but the help our clients preserve them. In fact, we are doing a disservice to our clients if we shoot and just deliver the "digital negatives". If this continues, there will not be a need for photographers in the near future. We also have the responsibility to educate our clients and finish our job by providing the best products that will help them enjoy these moments for many years to come. While I still provide them with the digital negatives (for those that purchase them), they are now delivered with a completion of their wedding books. Lessons like these need to be learned from the beginning. It is essential to start our business off on a solid ground. As an aspiring photographer, we need to surround ourselves with good education. I appreciate Graphistudio for their commitment not only to providing quality products, but also investing their resources to provide essential education for their photographers. They recognize the trend and have adapted to this change by creating (literally) a facility and a community for photographers to provide them with education and solid tools for growth.


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