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International destination wedding photographer Garrett Nudd has traveled the globe for high-profile assignments, including recent events in Europe, the Caribbean and on both coasts of the United States. Garrett and his wife, Joy, also provide educational resources to photographers worldwide.

On Graphistudio

One of the smartest things we ever did was to order two copies of our first Graphistudio wedding book: one for our client and one to use as a studio sample. Since our very first book, our wedding clients have loved the Graphistudio product. Five years ago when we introduced our portrait brand, Cobblestone Rue, we began offering the Graphistudio product to our portrait clients. Quickly, the portrait book became one of our hottest sellers, and today we have many clients who own two, three, or even four books documenting different points in their lives.

Graphistudio has been a true partner in our business for the past eight years. It has been exciting for us to watch the company grow and evolve as they have truly revolutionized the photography book. The options, the variety, the possibilities, with Graphistudio as our partner we are only limited by our creative imagination. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!
Industry trends.. where is the industry going.

The photography industry has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years thanks in part to the digital revolution. Today the market is flooded with new photographers of all ages and skill levels. And with rapid rise of social media and online photo sharing, now more than ever, there is a premium on quality.
Today's successful professional photographer must rise above the masses and separate themselves. It is not enough to photograph the job and the hand over a CD of images. The discerning client wants something that lasts, something that they can enjoy, something that they can hand down to their children.

White glove service and a top level product will always be an investment that premium clients are happy to make.
In the interest of my own personal future and the future of my family, it is important to consider self-preservation. The world is full of people who "take pictures" and a significant portion of them actually get paid to do it. But there are far fewer people who create images and make photographs. The true photographer is an artist. They study their craft and practice their art. And when it comes to sharing their work, output and presentation are paramount. To hand over a disk or email a digital file is to disrespect not only oneself, but also the client. Finishing the job is just as important as starting the job. Our success depends on finding and identifying the client who values a full service, complete boutique experience.

I have seen first-hand how the Graphistudio product is a perfect fit for the photographer who wants to separate themselves and differentiate their studio from every other photographer in the market. Not only is Graphistudio a leader in quality and product innovation, they continue to give back and invest in the photography community through educational courses, both online and in-person, partnering with top international photographers to offer hands on training, as well as developing a state of the art international training facility that is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.


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