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A professional photographer since 1996 and today he is known for his , “David Brenot shares his experience” with young photographers and organizes seminars and private coaching as well.

He is an advocate for many large companies in the photographic industry as well as Graphistudio, taking part in seminars at the biggest photography exhibitions’.

On Graphistudio

I’ve specialized in wedding, photography since 2007 and since the beginning I have been offering Graphistudio books to my customers.
I decided to offer my artistic and professional skills and to the high end customers and I think Graphistudio books fit perfectly their desires.
Today I offer the 30x40 or 35x45 book size in the new “Art box:” a perfect package solution. I love this box!

Today I have the chance to be part of the big Graphistudio family! After a trip to the factory in Arba I saw the quality of the production process, the high range and overall the innovation of technologies that they use to print and bind the books and covers. I am always looking for excellent products for my couples: I consider Graphistudio books luxury products.

One year ago a customer from another country ordered 10 albums 35x45 for all his family and friends: Today my customer’s copy finds a place in his house near a collection of Helmut Newton! This is marketing!
During my seminars I share my experiences and in this hard moment when we all are having economical difficulties the most important thing is to offer high quality products.

Customers can find the whole range of products on internet, so they can choose an unique book for themselves.
Following the evolution of the market where the customers ask more to get the digital files instead of the printed images. Now we need to adapt our job to their requests giving the DVD or USB stick! That is exactly what I do: I sell the CD in the Art Box with the book thereby making sure my images are printed and seen by others exactly how I want them to be ensuring future referrals.
Today 100% of my customers buy an album.


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