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Cyrille Bernon was born in Montpellier in 1976, and debuted in the world of photography when he was 20 years old. Totally self-taught he fell in love with photography at the beginning of his career as graphic designer. Today Cyrille is a fast ascending photographer and focuses on his clientele based in the southern France and Switzerland.

On Graphistudio

My pictures and my books are a reflection of my background, of what I am and of what I have done, of the people I have met and of those I have simply admired. Consequently, it is obvious to find different influences in my projects: the years spent as a graphic designer in the fashion and music industries, the passion for architecture, the open spaces and the lights... But above all my passion for stories and for those who make these stories alive, for the men and women who have been groundbreakers, visionaires, geniuses. André Kertesz, Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol, Le Corbusier... And many more who have revolutionized the arts and the society around them. I am definitely not as gifted as them, but thanks to the heritage they have left, and to my own personality, I am now able to photograph the world around me in my own personal style.

Lots of things contribute to make my projects what they are, and each step has the same importance: from contacting the couples, to the choice of the images, to the design of the layout, to the delivery of the product within a prestigious case such as the Art Box. Since 207, the year I ordered my first Graphistudio book, I realized how this Company is able to satisfy my needs, and those of my clients to, in the best way possible: I work regularly on a landscape 35x25, complementing it with the product I have been waiting for a long time, and that Graphistudio was actually able to produce: the Art Box. This accessory really makes the difference, and allows my high end clientele to enjoy a perfect package.


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