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Anthony Vazquez’s passion began in the wedding industry over 15 years ago. His experience set in motion at the ripe at age of 15 working in a local wedding studio. Vazquez proclaims, "I knew I found my calling because it was all I could think about!" After finishing his bachelors in NYU with a concentration in Culture and Communication, Anthony decided to travel through Italy. Upon his return he founded Anthony Vazquez Photography. Now, in it’s 10th year, Anthony states, "I couldn’t imagine a different life. I love every aspect of my job. I have been so blessed in my work to connect with so many wonderful and amazing people!" Anthony loves to travel, read and spend time enjoying great meals. He loves his team as well. Anthony says, "I could not ask for a more dedicated and loving group to work with!” Anthony’s work has been featured in such publications as People, Grace Ormonde, The Knot and US weekly, to name a few. The recent recipient of the "The Next Photographer Award", Anthony's work pushes the limits of traditional thought. His editorial fashion infused looks is considered a step ahead. Anthony Vazquez is proud to admit, "I am living my dream!"

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The best marketing advice that I have received is ‘we are our product’ ! Dedication and hard work will get you to your goal, put your best face forward when marketing your product and let nothing stand in your way. Anthony’s advice for photographers that are pressured by their clients to supply a disk only: Don’t give them the option. Would Mercedes sell cars without a luxury interior? Then why devalue art which we have created? New photographers entering the industry should focus first on developing their eye. Focus on your craft in order to be the best at what you do and the photographer you want to be. If you dedicate your heart and soul into your brand it will show in your images and in your business. Most importantly, don’t forget that the book is our final product. This is what represents everything.


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