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Adam Alex is a multi-award winning UK and destination photographer, widely recognized to be one of the world's premier wedding photographers. Adam is rapidly becoming one of the leading brands within the wedding photography industry acclaimed for his highly coveted, distinctive and captivating fine art style. Adam is classically trained yet his ability to convey your story through his images in the most natural, empathetic and insightful way is drawn from his own experiences. Two major events in Adam’s life recently collided head on. One as devastating and the other was joyous. Adam has channeled this raw emotion and new found love of life into his art; making his passion for capturing unique, intimate signature images the cornerstone of his reputation. A skillful, voyeuristic approach to his projects constantly pushes boundaries raising UK wedding photography to a whole new level. Adam is a true ‘people’s photographer’. His fun loving style coupled with an essential ability to communicate and interact with his clients is what sets Adam apart and draws people to him. His talent is indisputable. During this last year alone Adam won over 15 International WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Awards of Excellence, including 1st place in the Open category and 1st place in the Fashion category, as well as over 20 merits of excellence at the National MPA Awards (Master Photographers Association).

On Graphistudio

The Graphistudio album is my vehicle to not only generate revenue but also to represent my work and justify my art. My passion is to see wedding photographers increase and be credited well for their talents. The album is the only avenue we can take to secure this ethos and provide our clients with an experience and valuable product that is priceless. We must sell art not pixels. Working with Graphistudio over the past 5 years has helped my business grow in more ways than one. The level of customer service and friendly reception i receive is amazing. They are also more than just an 'album company', they invest strongly into our industry and believe heavily about education. This is why i support their ethics and believe in their investment into my studio. This level of care is unique to Graphistudio and not a service i find a lot of. Our business is more than just the albums we sell, but about a message and a philosophy and finding a company that have a strong ethic is a great support to keeping our industry and our studios in business.


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