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The Boudoir Divas are Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West. Together they own and operate the Boudoir Divas Studio, a high-volume studio located in San Diego, California that specializes solely on boudoir. Since launching their business 7 years ago, the Divas have seen incredibly growth - moving from a tiny 1-car garage into a gorgeous 4,500 square foot studio. With over 600 boudoir clients per year, the Boudoir Divas attribute their huge success in part to their branding and marketing efforts.

Marissa and Kimberlee fell in love with boudoir over ten years ago, and when they launched their “Bringing Boudoir Back” campaign full-force in 2007, they realized that the demand for boudoir was even more than they could have dreamed. The Divas have been at the forefront of the industry ever since, and they are so excited about the new exposure that boudoir has been receiving in the past few years. What makes their studio so successful is their desire to give every woman the opportunity to feel like a supermodel. “Every woman has her own unique beauty, and it is our hope that we help her embrace just that.” Together, Marissa & Kimberlee have written 3 books about boudoir photography, including two books specializing in boudoir posing. The Divas also lead boudoir workshops in San Diego, California, and Paris, France!

On Graphistudio

As professional photographers, we know that having partners is a huge part of our success, because we want to give our clients the highest quality products available. For this reason, we are thrilled and honored to be partnered with Graphistudio. When a boudoir client holds one of our studio samples in her hands, she can see and feel the difference, and know that this is a high-end book. Not only that, but we can also tell her about these books from our own personal experience. We have had the incredible opportunity to travel to Italy, to see the Graphistudio headquarters. We walked the showroom and factory areas, met the amazing Graphistudio team, and actually saw with our own eyes the way these books were hand-crafted and made with care and precision. We chose Graphistudio not only because they are committed to creating high-quality, beautiful books and products... but also because they are committed to partnering with the photography community to provide education, and to equip our industry with the tools needed to advance our craft.

We believe that as photographers, we hold incredible power. We hold the power to be able to capture moments, tell stories, and create heirloom pieces of art that will be handed down through generations. And specifically for us, as boudoir photographers, we also believe that we have the power to help a woman feel beautiful through a boudoir session. We love having the opportunity to see a woman's self-confidence flourish through her experience. But it doesn't just end with the photo shoot. After her session, we want her to walk away with a tangible reminder of her confidence and beauty, through a beautiful Graphistudio book. It is something she will cherish for the rest of her life, and we know that she will never regret the investment that she made.

We strongly encourage photographers to have beautiful Graphistudio book samples to show their clients. You will sell what you show - so show off the products that you are most excited about!


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