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Roberto Valenzuela is a wedding and fine art photographer based in Beverly Hills, California. His academic background is in Economics and Marketing. However, it was his 10 years as a concert classical guitarist which has given him a unique outlook on how to master photography, having used the same practice techniques to master his musical instrument.
Roberto is a 70-time International award winning photographer and three-time International first place winner. He serves as a photography judge for the 16x20 WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), PPA (Professional Photographers of America), European photography competitions and the WPPI International wedding album competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Roberto’s private photography workshops and speaking engagements are held in every corner of the world. His goal is to encourage and inspire professional photographers to practice their craft when not on the job, as any other artist must do so in order to perform. He is an active teacher and platform speaker at WPPI and has served as the keynote speaker at other International photography conventions. He is the author of the top-selling photography-training book titled Picture Perfect Practice.
He was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world 3 years in a row by Junebug Weddings (One of the largest wedding resource websites in America).

On Graphistudio

I have been married to Graphistudio for the entire length of my photography career, which spans for almost a decade now. I say married because it is a true partnership. My business and Graphistudio are interconnected to create a business that works. Graphistudio’s elegant line of books, paper types, and covers styles allows for maximum customization for my client’s personalities. People want to feel unique and catered to, and Graphistudio makes this important task very easy for me.

Photography has become America’s favorite hobby. At a glance, that’s great news and but dig deeper and it means that we, professional photographers, are quickly loosing our grip in our industry. The line between a professional photographer and a hobbyist is more blurred now than ever before. It is imperative that professional photographers make that line very clear once again. We do this by investing in our education more than ever, by practicing our craft as if it was a musical instrument, and by providing our clients a finished product worthy of our work and our pride. Professional photographer must respect their work by always showcasing their photographs in an elegant book instead of handing out a CD with files. Files are not photographs. A photograph should be worked on, printed, and showcased.


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