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Deuville. Based Nathalie is the “ Portraitiste de France” winner since 2007, She has been mentioned as honoured photographer at the European photographers conference.
She received the “Performances 2011” trophy by the “Chambre de Métiers des Alpes Maritimes “ during the artisans day.
She has been selected by Graphistudio to represent the quality of its products in France.

On Graphistudio

“I met Graphistdio for the first time in 2003. The wedding book was completely unknown by the majority of the public. I found the products represented quality and innovation that’s why I decided to offer them to my early customers in 2004.
It was a big success and the customers were fascinated by the books, who in turn started to promoted them to their friends and family”.

“The high quality of the products offered allowed me to impress the high end customers.”

“Today, after 10 years, things have evolved and the digital book has become a mainstay of the market, but Graphistudio do not stop innovating, always looking for new products and materials to keep the highest of standards in their ranges.”

“In 2007 they started to offer the book size 20x30, so I then presented it to my customer to contain the images from my studio portraits services, as the bigger books were not suitable for this kind of images.”

“In 2010 they also started to produce the hardback cover in addition to the dust jacket. An innovation that which I was waiting for long time to see. Today we can choose the material and colour of the covers too, which represents the final touch to make the books even more elegant.”

“The possibility to offer a wide range of products choosing between several sizes, covers, papers, bindings allow us to select the most suitable and perfect product which becomes unique for each of my customers.”


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