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Mauro Pozzer is an Italian wedding photographer, with a nearly twenty-year experience. Born in 1964 in Vicenza, a town in northern Italy, his passion for photography began very soon, and he bought his first camera when he was only 16. In order to link his passion for photography with his other great passion, scuba diving, in 1990 he began participating at underwater photography competitions, taking part at five Italian Championships. He opened his first studio in 1996, the year in which his great passion became his job.

Since 2004, Mauro has been an active member of WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) and of AG-WPJA (Artistic Guide of WPJA), which in 2009 declared him the 12th best photographer in a worldwide selection. In 2007 he was one of the founders of ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers, Italy), and he was its president from 2008 to 2010. In that year, he was one of the speakers of Sposiamo il Digitale, and in 2011 of FIOF (Orvieto International Found for Photography). In the same year he organized his first own workshop, Emotions in Venice, which obtained a great success and is repeated every year. Since then Mauro has been invited to take part as a master to various Italian and international convention, and he was a masterclass speaker at the SWPP Convention, which took place in London in January, 2013.

Since 2010, he has been a member of Best of Wedding Photographers, a new worldwide wedding photographers' organization, in which someone can become a member only by invitation. This invitation comes after a long review process, made by a committee, which includes some of the best wedding photographers of the world. In order to keep the highest standard for the wedding photoshoots, this association allows the entrance of only 500 photographers in the whole world.

His photographic style is a skillful mixture of Reportage, Fashion, Street, and much more. In order to capture emotions being a good reporter is necessary, especially during the ceremony. But when doing the outdoor shootings, an invisible direction is necessary to obtain the best out of every couple, every location, and every situation. Mauro mainly works with natural light, which lets him portrait his subjects with their true colors and shapes, capturing the emotions of the moment.

Every wedding service is in itself unique: in Mauro’s portfolio you will never see two identical photos, because everything depends on the couple, on the location, on the friends, on the day itself… Mauro then becomes the interpreter of that day: he captures emotions, smiles, and creates a small jewel out of every service.

Mauro mainly works in northern Italy with Italian and foreigner couples, but he has successfully worked also abroad: Sydney, San Francisco, Switzerland, Hong Kong…

Mauro pledges his attention and his capturing spirit also watching beyond wedding. He is an expert also in other photographic genres: still life, fashion, portrait, advertising photography… His works are continually published in national and international magazines.

On Graphistudio

When I opened my own studio Graphistudio was my first love.
The innovation and the constant search for products of the highest quality have immediately impressed me, and our business cooperation was originally established in 1997. But even in the best love stories mistakes are made and we parted company.
In the last few years, however, I have changed my approach to photography, and consequently the way I present my projects. The typology of my clients changed too, and I started working all around the world. This new way of doing business and the necessary, constant, search for innovation have led me to look for the best partners in each field, as a way to provide my clients with the higher standard of quality possible.
And thanks to this evolution I realized the time has come to reconnect with Graphistudio, something that often happens in true love stories. I have found the perfect partner in Graphistudio: their push towards innovation, the extreme high quality of their products (strictly Made in Italy), their professionalism and creativity made me understand that no one can value my approach to photography and the presentation of my projects more than them.
And now, till death do us apart.


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