Easy, flexible and perfect for every occasion

Graphistudio quality with you for every occasion!
There’s no event or special situation that doesn’t deserve to be remembered: there’s no reason your pictures shouldn't’ be printed and bound as they deserve. This new program is born to accommodate all those low budget projects, and perfectly combines two worlds: accessibility and quality.

Graphibook: so easy, so smart

Designed to be affordable to everyone, the Graphibook features all the technologies and quality from our high end products.
You can find the same attention to the quality of our colour printing and the same continous binding of our top level program; these factors set us far apart from the common cheap photobooks available online.

The hardback cover, fully customisable with your pictures, completes the product assuring you a high quality professional look.

Available papers: photographic, smooth, textured. Metallic and pearl.
Lamination: matt or gloss on request.


Portrait: 10x13cm, 15x20cm, 20x30cm
Square: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm
Landscape: 13x10cm, 20x15cm, 30x20cm

Graphibook: a sensual treasure chest for your boudoir!

During the discrete but also sometimes audacious atmosphere of a professional boudoir shoot you need a perfect technique, but above all empathy between the shooter and the client. It’s an intimate moment, truly understood by few, where a woman expresses her most sensual nature.

Playing with lights, shadows and situations becomes natural and a skilled professional knows how to carve out the best from a woman. At the end of this process, the Graphibook will be your treasure chest to keep your secret emotions forever.
The high quality printing on luxury papers will make the subject look like a diva!

Graphibook: the passion for portraitures!

As we all know, nowadays millions of pictures are taken each day in the world, but only few are going to be printed.
Among these few, portraits represent the vast majority, real keepsakes of our family, our lives, of our passions, of all the different experiences that make each of our lives unique.

To create a long lasting relationship between the photographer and his/her client means capturing all the most important moments of a lifetime, print that in a high quality book each time they want it. The affordable Graphibook will then create an amazing gallery reminding them not only of their lives but of you the person who captured them.
Our life becomes the greatest novel of all time, make some room on your shelves!

Graphibook: power to seniors!

In our lives there are milestones that will be remembered forever.
The graduation is one of those unforgettable moments, the turning point after which one enters the “adult world”, with all the enthusiasm that only a teenager can bring.

Gaze at this moment forever in a nicely printed book. Select your preferred design mood: fashion, romantic, sporty it’s your call.

A high end, yet convenient book for professionals and their demanding clients.

Graphibook: the little ones joy!

Don’t miss a single precious moment of your childrens lives, keep these memories forever.
Shortly you will put together a priceless treasure of love for your family.
We always try to give them the best, so would you commit that to cheap prints?
It’s time to be wise and invest our energies only on valuable things, the book is just a small investment but it gives payback forever in terms of emotions.

Graphibook: your pet is part of the family!

Our lovely pets deserve the best and all our attentions. Incredible companions in our lifetime, pets are definitely part of our family too.
Make a unique book to grab their inner nature, their funny poses, their devotion to you and the privileged relationship they can create with our kids.


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