Graphistudio is the authentic, unconventional, elegance.

A style that expresses new forms, and imposes itself as a modern classic based on craftsmanship and creativity.

It’s not easy to condense the Graphistudio world into one single definition. It is a world made of sensations, traditions, culture and Italian style.
The founder, Tullio Tramontina, is the main creative and marketing source and together with his partners Maurizio Corazza (production supervisor) and Enzo Piazza (technologies and design supervisor) has been able to turn this brand into a proper icon.

Thanks to continuous innovations, this Company has been able to step forward as a prime mover in the wedding photography market. Graphistudio has been the first Company in the world to introduce digital printing technologies in the wedding photography market.

What makes Graphistudio stand out from its competitors and make it a world leader is the attention to the detail and the unique approach that combines search for innovation, style and impeccable made in Italy quality.

One of Graphistudio key strengths is, indeed, the quality and commitment of its staff: more than 200 employees, an average of 28 years old, 63% are female. All those people who contributed to the launch of the Company’s original idea are still here: the staff is therefore not only a major strong point in terms of competitiveness, but also an actual and essential Company asset.

The Brand

The identity of the Graphistudio brand has developed through the years while, at the same time, it remained deeply grounded to its roots. A strong innovative approach mixes with the Italian signature of the origins to create an unmistakable style. Two things that make up the Company’s core values.


Combining the uniqueness of the handmade binding, the most advanced digital technologies and the creativity of professional designers: this is the idea that gave origin to the book, and that found its natural development in the wedding market, becoming the Wedding Book®. Today, with 12 years of experience, we have set new quality and convenience standards, imposing once again the rules of the market. From the materials to the production process, from the customer service to the turnaround times, each aspect is essential for the success of our and your work.


Made in Italy

Those who love Made in Italy do so because they look for style, elegance, attention to the details: this is the idea of quality Graphistudio refers to when project its books.
Graphistudio books are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of Made in Italy, distinguished for the accurate selection of materials, for research and development at the beginning of the creative process, not to mention the precision of the details.

The printing quality is guaranteed thanks to strict procedures and to the expertise of the technicians. This staff calibrates our printers more than once a day,

correcting every minimal flaw and making sure the photographer can enjoy a perfect constancy of colours.

If this Company’s spirit must be summarized in a sentence, that sentence would be: attention to the detail. Attention for the product, but also attention for the people. When a product enters into people lives and remains there to fulfil a small, but unforgettable role in their story, it means it was done with dedication and love. We like to think that if so many couples trusted us, that’s because we as well are a big family.

Offices and structures

Proud of its heritage, Graphistudio has always invested to create locally those structures needed to develop its business.

Two architectonical jewels have recently been added to the Arba (PN) headquarter and production facility: Count Ceconi Castle and Palazzo d’Attimis. These two buildings are high education and seminar centres, and will join the existing sales offices in Italy (Arba), Uk (Aldenham, London), France (Marseille), Spain (Barcelona) and USA (Minneapolis).

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The development Graphistudio enjoyed during the last 30 years has transformed it from Italian national leader to world leader. The internationalization process has not changed Graphistudio’s identity though, and the Company has maintained unaltered the values it was built on. Being projected towards international markets, Graphistudio combines the strategic vision and productivity of its Arba, Italy, headquarter with a widespread presence in the rest of the world,

London, Marseille and Barcelona. This approach makes it easier to be contacted and to answer clients’ requests in a timely manner.
Throughout the years the Company has built an extremely competitive position on the markets, while constantly improving the level of customer service


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