Working side by side

We are eager to work with you as a partner in order to allow you to focus on your core business: photography. Our solid heritage has gained the loyalty and trust of professional photographers and consumers around the world. Our continuous commitment to innovation and new ideas has lead to numerous firsts for Graphistudio. From patents for new products, to design improvements on existing layouts to the first patent issued for a wedding book in this industry. These ideas originate inside Graphistudio with a collaborative effort between our professional designers, copywriters, color and image processing experts and digital print experts. As a partner, you will see why Graphistudio is the brand that professional’s trust and the brand that consumers ask for by name.

More than 200 specialists at your service

We consider photographers as partners, and we help them by offering new and innovative products, and by supporting their present and future commercial plans.

Reliability with the leaders of the market

Photographers who choose Graphistudio are sure they can keep promises made to their clients. Reliability means 30 years of experience, more than 200 employees, more than 54.000 clients and a position of leadership in the market.

  • With more than 54.000 clients in 128 Countries we are the world leaders in the professionals market.
  • We cooperate with the most important associations of professional photographers: WPPI, PPA, MPA, SWPP, RPS, GNPP.
  • Graphistudio books are ideal to suit every photography market: from weddings to corporate, from portraits to art books.
  • All our books are completely hand made in Italy, in our facility located in Arba (PN).
  • Working with Graphistudio is a guarantee of quality and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • We offer the widest range of cover options on the market, with exclusive materials and a rich variety of colors that allows endless combinations.
  • The book can be produced in 20 different formats, among vertical, landscape or square options.
  • Your projects can be printed on 5 different types of paper, from the photographic to the textured. Each paper is also available with glossy or satin lamination.
  • A full design service, with professional post-production, is available on request.
  • The extraordinary selection of Graphistudio books ranges from the majestic 16x20” to the delicious 4x5 cm pocket books.
  • You can order smaller book copies without having to resize the files.
  • Even the most customized project can be completed in 3-4 weeks, during which you can be constantly in touch with our staff and have every aspect of the production under control.


Throughout the years we have worked hard to spread this approach, and to share it within the photographers community worldwide: we have organized many seminars, workshops, conventions and meetings to discuss photography and face, in the best way possible, the current challenges of the market.


Tools for success

The technological know-how developed by Graphistudio over the course of the last 30 years, enriched by the close cooperation with the most reputed international photographers, is at the base of the extraordinarily articulated offer of products for the image professionals. To turn the potential of these solutions into actual tools for success, we dedicate considerable resources to our samples program. It is the ideal opportunity for our clients to showcase their images in perfect and state-of-the-art books: an essential strategy in a world, such as the wedding photography market, characterized by a fierce competition.

The Custom sample

An uncompromising choice for your best images

Create a powerful sales tool with your most representative images and join the most reputed names in the industry in a community of photographers.
Those professionals interested in becoming Graphistudio clients, after the activation of their account, have the opportunity to produce their own set of samples, which includes six books in three different formats. It is an extraordinary offer that allows you to choose the options that suits your style of photography among the endless choices of the whole Graphistudio program, and to explore printing technologies, formats, covers, finishing and material and color combinations.

The Digital Matted Album Sample

An essential masterpiece that will guide you into the future of wedding photography

Never before has an item designed as a tool, a guide, a catalogue shown such a enchanting power.
In our will to illustrate the potential of the new technologies of the Digital Matted Album, as a way to provide photographers with a reference and a source of inspiration, we have given life to a selected sequence of pages of unparalleled beauty and charm.
Every single spread is a masterpiece of graphic art, which takes form thanks to a combination of materials and technologies never seen before.
Grab it, delight your clients' eyes with an actual example of this extraordinary new product and at the same time enrich your knowledge with secrets and technologies which will allow you to produce your own personal masterpieces in the future.

The Material Swatch Book

The whole Graphistudio program at your fingertips.

Thanks to this catalogue it is now possible to see, touch and feel our wide range, color options and finishing. This exceptional tool dedicates 16 pages to our cover options, 10 pages to the printing technologies and supports, including laminations, and it also shows the 3 different page thickness available for our books.

GRAPHISOFTWARE: the design software
Available for PC and Mac

Flexibility at your fingertips

This powerful, yet easy to use tool is ideal to create your masterpieces in Graphistudio’s award winning books. Choose your images and start to design your own layout, try some of our renowned multi-awarded winning templates, modify them or even create your own from scratch.
The drag and drop logic will set you free to design stunning layouts in just a few minutes, adding effects, re-touching elements with PhotoshopTM and much more.
Master the creative process easily through this user-friendly platform and bring your inspired vision to life.

Free flowing pleasure

Say goodbye to stressful design sessions: the drag and drop method makes creating layouts so intuitive it will become a real pleasure. Graphisoftware will let your creativity flow freely through just a few simple steps: import the images, select the relevant templates, adjust the pictures into the spread. Measurements, trimming and safety edges and bleed areas are included in the spread: no need to worry about this aspect while designing the book. A whole series of tools will help you obtain the result you desire: coordinates, thumbnail previews, binding and quality alert, images search tab will guide you step by step through an error free process.

Tons of templates

More than 1000 available templates, masks, frames and effects make it virtually impossible to create 2 identical layouts. Each project is therefore unique and can be perfectly adapted to the style of your pictures. You can customize your project even more by unlocking, modifying and amending each template at your wish. Modified templates can then be saved for future use, creating a proper personalized library. The text palette adds more options for those photographers interested in mixing style and finding their specific style.

Make your own masterpiece.

Main features

  • Drag & Drop technology
  • Works on Mac & PC
  • Image formats available: jpg, tiff, png
  • Smart guides for perfect alignments
  • Customizable effect libraries
  • Real time PS interaction
  • More than 1000 graphic elements
  • Market trend leaders plug-in
  • Boxes and sleeves design available
  • Image icons enlargement tool
  • Smart tool to search for specific elements by their names
  • File quality alert

Yervant templates

This plug-in has been created to port the whole stunning PageGallery templates inside our user friendly drag and drop Graphisoftware.
We have developed a long-standing cooperation with Yervant. Having shared the same attitude, approach and vision for many years, it took very little to understand the direction we wanted to head to, and this wizard of photography has opened his treasure chest and shared his magic touch thanks to an incredible and exciting collection of more than 600 Graphisoftware effects and templates.

PageGallery is the critically acclaimed album layout software which revolutionized the industry. Now those who have enjoyed the quick page construction system, the countless templates but also the Graphistudio user friendly drag and drop method and the strict “professionals only” policy, will find the same elements all-in-one: the experience Yervant and Graphistudio have developed over the years led to the ultimate product in terms of book design. Exclusively for Graphistudio, and for the Graphisoftware


Becoming a client of Graphistudio means gaining immediate access to the most advanced and exclusive tools to be at the forefront of the wedding photography market.

Products, technologies, sales tools mix together with the freely accessible know-how of the photographers community who already work with us. You will be driving a powerful and efficient machine, capable of turning every artistic and commercial aspirations you might have into reality.

And you will be in it with the best photographers in the world.


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