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Along with a heavy helping of awards and accolades, Dixie brings a fresh vision to fashion photography. "I love images with soul... images that not only highlight the models and fashion, but also elicit a spontaneous emotional response. The connection is what drives my work... the connection between subject, me the photographer, and ultimately the viewer that makes the difference. I put everything I have into each photograph and it makes me so happy to be able to work with such amazing creative people day in day out"

On Graphistudio

I Love Graphistudio! They are a perfect partner in my business and marketing. The graphisoftware makes it easy for me to design my fashion portfolio books super fast and upload them online. Then I take these books to all of my meetings with advertising agencies, magazines, and designers... my potential clients are always blown away by the presentation. I will usually leave them with one of the graphi mini books so they are sure to remember me and my work.
Its a stellar tool my business! In my industry, its important to show the quality of your imagery to potential clients and you can't see quality online. You can only see this when printed and graphi does an amazing job at both the printing and binding of the books.


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