Michael Guez << Back

He was born in 1974 in the Paris region and found his vocation when he was 15 years old then he founded his own agency when he was 26: “Libre comme l’art” – www.librecommelart.com

Atypical and self taught he renewed the art of wedding photography with a mix of fine art and looking always for perfection: every customer of Mickael find this thing in their own wedding book.

He is also well known by the media for his fine art images and equally for his job on “Rencontre avec New York” and others; his last publication is “Tokyo” published in October 2012 all over in French librairies. (Fnac/Virgi).

On Graphistudio

The expression of our art can be read in all our photos: that is the reason why we named the agency “Libre comme l’art” (free as the art). We chose Graphistudio as our partner for the the quality of their books and the good service we received. . We offer the 25x35 book size with crystal glance cover as we have seen, during this years, that this is the most requested products from our range of customers.


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