Fine art prints
in a dedicated chest

The Image Box is the brand new programme of made-to-measure cases, with endless colours and materials combinations that ensures an unprecedented level of quality. Thanks to prints mounted on rigid substrates and to the DMA technology, the pictures held in the Image Box become actual art works (quantity ranges from 10 to 30 prints). The Image Box represents the natural completion to the Wedding Book or can become the core of alternative projects such as portraits, christenings, fine art, boudoir, portfolios...

The prints

These art prints can be impressed directly on elegant art mattes, as all the expressive options of the three DMA technologies (selective coating and covering white included) are available, or on photographic or metallic paper with either glossy or satin lamination. With a choice of both rectangular and square formats ranging from the 15x15 cm to the 30x30 cm, these prints are assembled on a 2 mm thick rigid substrate available in either white or black tones. A detail that makes them even more enjoyable to touch and admire.


The formats

The materials

The image Box includes two different case types which differ in the structure, material and customization options, while – at the same time –sharing a strong affinity. They are ideally composed by 3 different elements: the covering, the side and the internal which can be lined with the preferred materials and colours. They are customizable even more by the printing, embossing or overprinting of texts and images. Leathers, Nappas, silk, special fabrics, photographic or Touch surfaced papers can be combined at will in the lining of the various parts to create the most original combinations of textures, patterns and colours. The white, black or red satin ribbon will become the final touch of your precious chest.

The models

With the GraphiBox it is possible to combine different colours and materials for the lining of the covering, side and internal components. It is produced in three heights perfectly sized to host ten, twenty or thirty mounted prints each. The closing system is secured by two magnets.


It’s the option to choose to have access to all the refined options included in this program.
Whatever its size or the material used are, the extremely accurate production process ensures a smooth and precise opening system. The solid quality and the elegance of every detail instil a veiled pleasure which anticipates the emotions of its precious content.



A selection of modern and bold linings, combined with an essential and stylized design, makes this model the perfect solution also for those events which, until now, couldn’t aspire to much more than an ordinary photobook. The range of colours and possible matches allows to interpret every style in the best way possible.



Allow your creativity to flow freely,
now there are no limits.

The creative process will start by using our Graphisoftware, now specifically updated and enhanced to make the design process easier and intuitive.



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