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I am a photographer and a storyteller. I live in Tuscany, near to Florence, but I shoot everywhere in Europe for clients coming from all over the world.
I had the opportunity to do destinations weddings thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to a couple of brides. Why did they asked for me? Simple, they saw one of my book!
From there is has been a "crescendo", as they say.

On Graphistudio

With Graphi, I can be free to think of what I love: photography and design, changing what ever I like and make different projects for different clients. In the end what we will create will be a unique amazing story and the quality of the book it is what I need the most. When I saw the Book I've immediately realized I had found the answer to all my questions: how to show my work in the best way, how to impress my clients and finish the job properly. With this book it is so simple for me to sell my work and deliver my artistry. This approach gives emotions, touches the heart of the clients and this is what we can sell... emotion. It could sounds strange, but when the couple looks the book, they immediately say "yes this is it". Therefore I can make more business with parents copies and reprints because their enthusiasm quickly conquers the whole family.

So, I can't imagine a better future for wedding photography, with Graphi I found my ideal partner. To me they are not an industry or a laboratory; they are more like a family, where I found friends that share my idea and vision.


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