From the details to the symbolism of a choice: new paths through style, form and values.


This collection offers discreet products and a classic preciousness. The undisputed icon of luxury, the black tone, is accompanied by the traditional leather colours and by the natural classics of the new millennium, from lavender to acacia green.

Nappa with natural finishing in classic tones, browns, English greens, cowhide in iconic colours: red, natural brown and black.

The glamour expressed itself also thanks to a revisit of traditional decorations in maxi patterns and translucent surfaces.

The book becomes a classic and timeless symbol


The New Chromatisms collection brings colour back to the centre of the scene and inflects it into two new categories:

the first one takes inspiration from the simple and desaturated colours typical of the 1950s “bon ton” style: green, turquoise, cream, lilac which recalls the colours worn by damsels. Monochromatic and bi material schemes, suede combined with matt varnish.

The second one is the vitalistic colour revival of the 80s.

It uses digital colours: violet, yellow, green and turquoise combined in multichromatic schemes. Contrasts of colours and materials: matt varnish and semi-glossy fabrics.
The book becomes a colourful memento.


This collection values the ethic and aesthetic of the natural materials, of the uneven, original, matt, aged surfaces. The use of natural leather and woven material that evokes the hand-made, local trend.

Natural colours: vanilla, cinnamon, tobacco, produced with an ultra matt finishing. Natural materials: cotton, hemp, linen.

The book expresses an eco-friendly style.


This collection takes inspiration from a futuristic scenario where the product is a “time capsule” containing the memories of a special day and capable of crystallizing them in time.
The tactile impact prevails over the visual one, creating metallic treasure chests destined those who look into the future. Neutral colours: whites, greys and blacks. Technical matt metallic cloths combined with glossy and satin metals.

The book becomes a basic and technical display case.


Creating the cover is one of the most exciting moments in the book design process. Graphistudio has always offered an immense richness of materials and customizations.
The combination of the material, colour and front panel layout is essential: the leathers, the Nappas, the metals or the silks, to name but a few, selected in the preferred tones, embrace die-cuts, images, inserts, embossing and seams.



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