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Andrew & Agnieszka Younger run a low volume boutique studio in Plymouth, Devon with intimate customer service and powerful imagery.
They have been using Graphi Studio Books since 2003.
Passionate about their work & brand Andrew and Agnieszka infuse wedding photography with portrait, landscape, documentary and fashion photography with award winning results!

Their style is energizing, thoughtful & creative. The wedding books they create are contemporary with a fashionable twist.
They pride themselves on their diversity, the fact that they can photograph a wedding day in a variety of styles or even a combination of them all. Their main emphasis is on flexibility, detail, and most importantly, planning for everybody to enjoy the day without unnecessary interruption.

On Graphistudio

From the start Graphistudio was the 1st & only choice for our studio. There was no substitute and our clients deserved the best. In our business the Graphistudio book is as important as our cameras, computers & transport. We love the choice Graphistudio offers us, the sizes of the books, covers, papers and laminations all help to create a personal book.
Part of our success might be down to a few factors including appearance – and that covers ourselves, our studio, our website, our adverts and sample books.
We want to attract a certain type of customer. While some studios are fighting to get the rich and famous, we want to photograph regular people who will appreciate our photography while finding it within their budget. Many of our clients are teachers or are in the armed forces or self-employed. They might really stretch their initial budget, but they appreciate our end product which is always a beautifully designed Graphistudio wedding book. It all has to look good and remain priceless


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